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Welcome to silenthunder/thunderlodge design concepts..
My name is Robert D. Silent Thunder. My diverse client base includes, but is not limited
to non-profit organizations, Native American communities, advertisement agencies, printing
industries and design studios. I can be that extra hand that is needed, either because
you are too busy, or you just need someone with experience and fresh ideas.

I am meticulous in every design to show perspective, balance and creativity
to produce results for your brand. Your target audience, once clearly understood will be
addressed using personality, determination and class. With communication I can help you
create visual media that will stand out amongst your competition and bring
you the recognition every brand is looking for.


Art/Creative • Innovative • Graphic/Web Designer • Design Consultant • Communication

Meticulous and highly-creative self-starter who attracts and retains clients from as far away as Rhode Island.
Strive to maximize workflows and enhance overall productivity levels while envisioning fresh solutions to
common – and unexpected – problems. Typically conduct research and work on multiple projects with short
notice, little or no instruction, and total creative judgment quality and details of finished product. Skilled in consulting
with clients and translating abstract concepts into practical solutions. Exercise a sense of humor and positive
employee interaction – even in the face of time-critical and often competing deadlines.

Offer friendly service and personalized attention to each client to inspire their confidence; aspire to raise client
visibility by unleashing individualized core values, and transforming them into eye-catching and striking images.
Complete familiarity with Adobe (e.g., PhotoShop, Illustrator, InDesign) plus added knowledge of QuarkXPress,
DreamWeaver, and Flash. A hard-worker and devoted team player who typically goes beyond a job’s requirements
to deliver outstanding results; put total heart and soul into all design work to produce truly unique creations.

Key Skills:

      • Leadership, Supervision, & Guidance
      • Employee Potential Maximization
      • High-Caliber Customer Service
      • Information Gathering & Analysis
      • Workflow Planning, Delegation, & Prioritization

Graphic Arts, Web & Design:
Technical/Programs & Designs---

      • Computer Trouble Shooting.
      • OS - PC & Macintosh Platforms.
      • Softwares- Adobe Creative Suites CS4 Programs;
        Photoshop, Illustrator, In-Design, Dreamweaver, Flash, After Effect.

      • Desktop Publishing Programs;
        In-Design, Quark Xpress

      • Microsoft Programs;
        Word, Excel, Power Point

      • Silk Screen & Offset Printing
      • Photo Retouching
      • Brand Identity Creation & Competitive Edge Development
      • Text / Graphic Image / Font / Digital Imaging Manipulation
      • Web Design & Layout

Business-Building Initiatives :

      • Capitalized on marketing theory savvy to attract 10 more clients in under 2 months. ––(Colorfast)
      • Became Company’s first graphic designer to work on digital trading cards that focused on a host
        of sports activities aimed at children and adults alike.
        ––(Glory Days)
      • Expanded Company’s product line offerings by introducing new magnet designs, wall-sized
        posters, digital memory plaques, and magazine covers targeting children
        .––(Glory Days)
      • Unveiled a new identity for this company to gain better recognition from distributors
        and league organizers
        .––(Glory Days)

Operational Enhancements & Team Advances :

      • Shortened project look-up times 90% by introducing the idea of organizing all clients’ digital
        projects on in-house servers, hard drives, and external back-up mechanisms.
      • Bolstered worker congruency amongst a 5-person design team by establishing
        a work-in-progress chart so that immediate supervisor could better monitor individual
        project activity.
      • Elevated staff morale by introducing a variety of social programs designed to promote
        employee harmony.
        ––(Disability Group / Glory Days)

Improvements & Innovations:

      • Played an active role in creating an assortment of promotional items
        (e.g., business cards, brochures, and magnets) with more visual depth; sample
        client feedback appears below
        ––(Colorfast)… beginning with “Robert”:
        –– heightened legibility and readability
        –– made company brand more recognizable
        –– added more color to [Company’s] overall design.
      • Revamped Company web-site design to boost overall user-friendliness and evoke
        positive emotions amongst Web surfers.
      • Envisioned and launched Company’s first-ever web-site to bring wider visibility
        amongst clients, photographers, and distributors.
        ––(Glory Days)

Special Projects & Additional:

      • In mere days, earned a reputation for producing business ads at least 50% faster than
        colleagues – all while maintaining peak quality and productivity levels.
        ––(Marcoa Publishing)
      • Picked by immediate supervisor to assume the role of Art Director based on sound
        academic talents and proven eye to accurately evaluate team’s
        finished work.
        ––(Colorfast / Glory Days)
      • Took on extra jobs in the area of administrative assistance, mailroom, and customer service
        representation based on willingness to “pitch in” and guarantee a job
        well done.
        ––(Disability Group)

Professional Experiences:

Positions: Organizations Name:
Graphic Artist/Web Designer

Colorfast Printing & Marketing
Chatsworth, CA.
Graphic Print Designer

Stephen;s Engineering Services, LLC. 2009
Graphic/Web Designer

Capitol Area Indian Resources, Inc.
Sacramento, CA.
Graphic Designer

Disability Group Inc.,
Santa Monica, CA.
Graphic Print/Web Designer
& Design Consultant


Simply Pure
Baldwin Park, CA.
Graphic Print/Web Designer
Print Production Artist & Mktg.
Glory Days Digital Inc./Youth
Sports Photography
Van Nuys, CA.
Graphic Print/Web Designer
& Design Consultant
Womens Resource Center of
Newport & Bristol Counties, RI.
Graphic Production Artist
Customer Service/Consultant
Delivery Person

B.C.E Business Card Express
Van Nuys, CA.

Graphic Production Artist
Print Collateral Materials
BoxCar Creative
Los Angeles, CA.
Graphic Production Artist
Print Collateral Materials
Marcoa Publishing
San Diego, CA.


School & Degree: Studies: Year(s):
Platt College,
Eagle Rock, CA.
BA Degree in Graphic Design
Business Marketing/Advertising
Graphic/Web Design,
Communication & Solid Design Principles.
Grossmont/Cuyamaca College,
El Cajon, CA.
AA Degree in Traditional Graphics, Printing,
and Minor in Speech Communications.

General Education,
Traditional Graphic Design, Printing
Offset and Screen Printing.
Speech Communications.
R.O.P. Regional Occupational Program
La Mesa, CA.
Certificate Diploma in
hands on Graphic Arts
Traditional Graphic Arts, Typography,
Darkroom, Litho, Screen and Offset Printing

*Thank you for reviewing this accomplishments.
Any questions regarding the resume contact: info@silenthunder.com


Here are 10 TRAITS OF THE GREATS that I believe in making a difference on my work ethics
as well as the deliverance of designs towards my employers/clients. I constantly pay close attention to
these traits, attitudes and action that will set me apart from the contemporaries.

1. Optimism. I believe most things ara possible.
"The thing always happens that you really believe in; and the belief in a thing makes it happen."

Optimism is a key ingredient of the creativity. I believe that it can be done whatever you put your
mind into. I believe that I am the one who have the power to do it. If I dont believe these things,
the battle is lost before it starts.

2. Persistence. Never give up.
"Obstacles cannot crush me. Every obstacles yields to strong resolve. He who is fixed to
a star does not change his mind."

Throughout history, great creative's have shown that persistence is a personality trait that
can move mountains. Two good examples resolve around light and flight.
--Thomas Edison & Da Vinci.

3. Imagination. I see all the possibilities.
Teacher: What are you drawing, Robert?
Robert (age 4): God
Teacher: But Robert, nobody knows what God looks like.
Robert: They will when I'm done.

Imagination is the talent that allows me to see my idea before I can realized. It's an
ever-changing set of mental blue prints and emerging concepts. For creativity and diversity
imagination is a mental gymnasium where I can work out my ideas.

4. Passion. I love what I do.
"Neither a lofty degree of intelligence, nor imagination, nor both together go to making genius.
Love, love, love and then sum, that is the soul of genius."

Passion is both a driver for the creator and an irresistible force which attracts people to follow
and support my creative efforts. It's an essential trait of the greats and it is also one of the sources
of my own often abundant supplies of energy.

5. Energy. I keep going and going and going...
"My mind is always going a thousand miles an hour. My body feels a need to try to keep up."

Another trait that seems to connect the vast majority of successful creative people is high energy.
My energy is a reflection of my mind --- in speed, versatility and endurance. It's an enviable gift.

6. Curiosity and Learning. I want to know more...
"I keep moving forward, opening new doors and doing new things, because I am curious
and curiosity keeps leading me down to a new paths."

Creative minds are often insatiable, hungrily consuming information related to my passion.
"I am still learning." It's both humbling and inspirational in the same breath.

7. Focus. Cornerstone of creativity.

Having the ability to control my focus like a mental zoom lens, making the shift from big picture
to infinitesimal detail with ease.

8. Courage. I reach beyond the boundaries of my fear.
"Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer
fear, do not sit at home and think about it. Go out and get busy."

Most of us are only risking our careers and reputations when we leap out of the box. As for me
I' am risking my life. The basic rule stands true in creativity as it does in the real world;
No guts, no glory.

9. Communication. They teach the value of their ideas.

It dosent matter how great your ideas are. If you cant effectively communicate their value to the
people, who will benefit?

10. Bias for Action. They dont just think, they do.
"The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing."

Action is not an option, it's a vital part of the formula.
There is no one formula for creativity, but these 10 traits represent some of the most important
ingredients. Keep stretching, keep searching and stay inspired!

property of silenthunder/ a thunderlodge design concepts
©copyright 2004-10 all rights reserved.